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Pitcher House is owned and run by Laura Rigney. Since 1997 Laura has worked within the sales industry covering a wide range of sales roles including business to business, business to consumer, telesales, fieldsales and many more.

After having her second child in 2006, she decided to become a stay at home Mum, however, she soon realised that she was meant to work. Realising she didn't want somebody else dropping her children to school and picking them up, she started analysing her skills and looking for ways to implement them whilst setting up her own business.

In January 2008 she started an online, baby gift, retail business but only a few short months later, realising her heart really wasn't in it, she closed the business down.

It wasn't long before the concept of Pitcher House was born. After meeting so many other mums in business who had developed fantastic products from scratch, Laura realised that she could use her natural sales talents as well as her good eye for innovative products to get these items and their inventors the recognition they deserved!

Since the Launch of Pitcher House in March 2010, Laura has managed to secure many new clients with some amazing products that she has no doubt, will soon be in the bigger marketplace. Laura has also developed wonderful relationships, with buyers from retailers both large and small to ensure that her clients get the best possible exposure when the time comes to launch their products.

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